Patients who record office visits

The laws around patient recordings are quite different state to state. With the ubiquity of smartphones and other such devices, recordings are becoming more commonplace during patient-doctor conversations. In his most recent post, S.Y. Tan, MD, JD, emeritus professor of medicine and a former adjunct professor of law at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, discusses the …Read the full article

Two more and counting: Suicide in medical trainees

In the aftermath of two resident suicides in New York this month, Michael F. Myers, MD, professor of clinical psychiatry at State University of New York, Brooklyn, and the author of “Why Physicians Die by Suicide: Lessons Learned From Their Families and Others Who Cared,” writes of his recent experiences and provides some important recommendations …Read the full article

Telemedicine Opening Doors To Specialty Care For Inmates

As telemedicine quickly grows in popularity, it is becoming clear that one valuable application is in the treatment of inmates. Kaiser Health News reports on the benefits (and drawbacks) of being able to provide specialty care to inmates without them ever having to leave the correctional facility. Michelle Andrews When an inmate needs to see …Read the full article

Female physicians face enduring wage gap

The gender wage gap has been a major topic of discussion lately, and the issue extends into the physician job space as well. A new survey reveals just what that wage gap looks like across the country and specifies which major cities have the largest and smallest gender wage gaps for physicians. Male physicians make …Read the full article


The adoption of electronic health records has undoubtedly changed the daily routine of health care professionals regardless of specialty. Unfortunately for many physicians, one such change is a creeping intrusion of EHR-related tasks into their personal time. A recent commentary from William G. Wilkoff, MD, addresses this issue and demands that steps be taken to …Read the full article


For any busy professional, podcasts are a great form of stimulation and entertainment without the need to set aside dedicated time in which to absorb them. Here, Jeffrey Benabio, MD, MBA, provides a short list of a few of his favorites with topics relevant to physicians that span everything from the clinical and scientific to …Read the full article

Ranking points physicians toward South Dakota

Using 16 key metrics, Washington D.C.-based personal finance website WalletHub has evaluated the two key dimensions of “Opportunity & Competition” and “Medical Environment” in order to determine the best and worst states for doctors to practice medicine in 2018. Here we provide an overview of the results and insight into how South Dakota won the …Read the full article

Nearly Half of Physicians Sued By Age 55

A recent study from the American Medical Association has found that by age 55, nearly half of all physicians are sued. Our news parter, Frontline Medical News, breaks down the details and reveals the heavy costs associated with this statistic. By age 55, nearly half of physicians have been sued for malpractice, with general surgeons …Read the full article

Expert Advice For The Corporate Titans Taking On Health Care

Recently, the CEOs of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced a plan to create a new company, “with the goal of providing high-quality health care for their U.S. employees at a lower cost.” NPR reports: The enterprise unites three of the largest and most envied companies in their respective sectors — from …Read the full article

Making Preventive Health More Accessible

Recently, the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) made a proposal to the House of Delegates regarding incentivizing the integration of preventive care into physicians’ medical education. AMA Wire reports: “At ACPM, we’re focused on disease prevention and health promotion—that’s core to our specialty,” the organization’s executive director, Michael Barry, told AMA Wire®. “We’ve always …Read the full article