How to Harness Value-Based Care Codes

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) started out as just chronic care management codes but has since exploded to include more than 20. This article talks about about how to make the shift to value care, see your professional and financial rewards have climb and, most importantly, help your patients. Many of you …Read the full article

Malpractice Premium Trends: 2015 – 2017

The Medical Liability Monitor has been publishing an Annual Rate Survey since 1991 providing an overview of how rates are changing for physicians’ liability insurance on a state-by-state basis. Below, the MedJobNetwork’s strategic content partner, Frontline Medical News, dives into the 2017 survey on your behalf. But first, for some perspective, here’s an excerpt from …Read the full article

Physicians Can Cook as Part of Their Careers, But Guidelines are Not Cookbooks

A February 2016 article on PubMed titled, “What Is Culinary Medicine and What Does It Do?” defines Culinary medicine as a, “new evidence-based field in medicine that blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine.” Recently, the Michigan State University Extension program announced that Spectrum Health has launched a new Culinary …Read the full article

‘Aloha’ to the Best Health Care (Again)

WalletHub is out with a mid-year healthcare study titled “2017’s Best & Worst States for Health Care” as reported below by our partner publication, Emergency Medicine. But first, to present some context of how each state ranks, here is an article from late 2016 by Frontline Medical News about the United Health Foundation’s annual report …Read the full article

Physician Compensation – By the Numbers

There is an ever-growing amount of statistics, surveys and reports now available on the web about physician compensation. Unfortunately, many of these sources, although quite reliable, require that you either pay for access or surrender a significant amount of personal information to recruiters in order to get access. In addition to never charging physicians to …Read the full article

Physician-created Alternative Payment Models (APMs): Latest News and Insight

While the ACHA goes to the Senate and California considers moving to a single-payer system, health care reform looks like it may continue to evolve. Part of the potential evolution that has not gotten as much exposure are some ideas being put forth by physicians, as opposed to elected officials. It started in April as …Read the full article

What you need to know about the H-1B visa program overhaul order

Late last month, President Trump signed an executive order meant to reform the H-1B visa program used by employers of highly-skilled workers nationwide. In an example of the impact this order could have, Massena Memorial Hospital’s CEO discusses the potential difficulties he sees for doctor recruitment. NCNow News reports: MMH CEO Robert Wolleben told the …Read the full article

Residents’ Work Hours May Revert to Longer Shifts

Per an article below from one of the MedJobNetwork’s partner publications, Internal Medicine News, a proposal from a task force of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) may permit first-year residents to work up to 24 consecutive hours. That is 8 hours longer than they can now and reverts to the 24-hour maximum …Read the full article

More Public Speaking Best Practices for Physicians

A blog post from earlier this year titled “Public Speaking Best Practices for Physicians” was the first in a three part series. Part one talked about the first step in making a successful presentation – know your audience. It became so popular we decided to post the 2nd installment below about connecting with your audience. …Read the full article

Hospital Employed Physicians – Growth is Not Slowing

According to a recent survey by the Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI) and consulting firm Avalere Health, the number of physicians leaving independent practice and joining hospital-based health systems is showing a significant increase. For your review, here is a link to the survey with an option to download it: An article from Internal Medicine News …Read the full article