Nurse Practitioners: The Push for Autonomy

In late February, Nebraska joined 19 other U.S. states by passing a bill which allows nurse practitioners to practice independently of an overseeing physician. A recent article published by Forbes notes that, “the U.S. doctor shortage could hit 90,000 by 2025. Meanwhile, the number of nurse practitioners is one of the fastest-growing health professions in …Read the full article

Match Day 2015: Largest in history but concerns continue

On Friday, March 20, 2015, the much anticipated results of the annual NRMP® Matching Program were received by thousands of eager medical school seniors across the country. With growth in both the number of registered applicants as well as the number of available positions, it turned out to be the largest match in history. The …Read the full article

Report: APRNs and improving outcomes for older adults

A recently published study by MU Sinclair School of Nursing researchers, Gina Oliver, Lila Pennington, Sara Revelle and Marilyn Rantz, found that quality of health care is improved in states where APRNs are allowed to practice independently. Below is a video about the report and a quote from the researchers.— Commentary from the MedJobNetwork “APRNs …Read the full article

Stop Physician Burnout – Building a better day off

Stop Physician Burnout – building a better day off How many times have you looked forward to a day off work – a nirvana of rest, relaxation, recuperation, leisure, pleasure and la dolce vita? And instead you ended up just powering through the list of busy work around the house you’ve been saving up for …Read the full article

Clinical Empathy and What It Means to Your Career

Dr. David Gullen knows the importance of patient satisfaction, along with the hurdles it takes to improve it. In a recent article published in Clinical Psychiatry News, he enumerates on how empathy can lead to a strong bond with your patients, better clinical outcomes, and ultimately to increased patient satisfaction. Reasoning with patients can be …Read the full article

The end for SGA? Quality of care and your career

An article in Frontline Medical Communications’ popular Practice Economics section that appears on our medical journal web sites titled “Medicare at 50: Is the end near for SGR?” reported on changes to The Sustainable Growth Rate formula. We excerpted below quotes from physicians who represent groups of primary care physicians and specialists. “Each year, when …Read the full article

Going for Gold: Advanced Practice Clinician Careers

Earlier this year, Randy D. Danielsen, PhD, PA-C, DFAAPA, wrote an editorial in Clinician Reviews celebrating the 50th anniversary of both the NP and PA professions. Below we excerpted some of Randy D. Danielsen’s commentary about how far each profession has come, and why he felt there are still areas in which both can “do …Read the full article

ACS NSQIP and Improving Outcomes

An interview conducted by ACS Surgery News with the co-author of a report found that hospitals participating in the American College of Surgeons, National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP) saw an improvement in surgical outcomes. Below we’ve shared some of the salient points from ACS Surgery News. We also came across an article posted …Read the full article

The Importance of a “Mindful Practice” to Your Career

Traditionally quality care has been associated with medically successful end results. But quality care has increasingly come to involve another metric: patient satisfaction. This trend is driven in large part by organizations like The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and insurance providers who have a need to define and measure the quality of …Read the full article

GI Physicians: Are You Ready to Compete?

Are you preparing to be competitive in the growing area of emerging incisionless technologies for treating obesity, including intragastric balloons and other transorally inserted weight loss devices? Planning ahead, gastroenterologists should begin now to cost out the components of an obesity program in order to consider offering financing options to patients, Dr. Joel V. Brill …Read the full article